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Our Features

Real Time Data

Keep your data fresh by using the in-built live Dataset link or our downloadable SQL Server Data uploader that can upload any of your on premise data on any schedule, you can even link your data to our Notify software to alert you by Phone, SMS or email of an alert

Unlimited Dashboards

Create unlimited secure online dashboards for your own personal or company use. Creation of dashboards are so simple, in just a few clicks you can produce stunning visual displays.

Share Your Work

Add user permissions to your dashboards for administrators, viewers and authors within your organisation and even schedule your dashboard reports to be delivered via email to anyone.

3D Charts

Create visually stimulating 3D charts, add another dimension to the plane 2D charts to make them more appealing. If you’re unsure about 3D charts we still have 2D charts.


Access your data anytime and from anywhere via your mobile device, desktop, tablet or laptop, we support a number of web browsers.

Competitive Packages

Choose a package to suit you. We offer a range of packages from our bronze package to our on-premise version

Cloud and On-Premise


MI Boards Cloud is the full SaaS version of our BI and reporting software. Connect to your data from anywhere in the world and from any mobile device with a data connection and web browser. With no need to host your own infrastructure, having the ability to go live within minutes and a system that is always up to date you can concentrate on your reporting needs without the worry of managing a bigger system.


MI Boards on-premise allows for companies to keep their systems secure on their own site helping them to adhere to any complex compliance around data. For companies with strict data compliance, large numbers of users or the need for faster querying of data this is the most suitable option.

Supporting the most popular data storage technologies

Is your favorite data storage method not listed? Send us an email and let us know.